Morocco.How School Manuals Breed Hatred

A relatively moderate place compared to Iran or Saudi Arabia, Morocco is a paradox of sorts. It is still puzzling to many observers that the country is one of the top exporters of terrorists and Jihadi wannabes in the world. It shouldn’t be that puzzling, though. This thorough examination of Islamic Education manuals in the kingdom helps explain why.

From first grade already, Moroccan children are literally taught to “hate those who oppose Allah’s prophet.” First grade, you heard right. The same manuals sing the praises of Prophet Muhammad’s battles and his victories against the “infidels.” The idea that Islam ought to be spread by the sword is willingly introduced to the impressionable minds of 7 or 8-year-olds. Equality, freedom of conscience and human rights are absent from such teachings.

The result is a citizenry which, even if it does not resort to violence against non-Muslims, thinks it is fine to mistreat them, lie to them or scam them. Such behavior stems from the idea that there is a hierarchy of faiths: Muslims come first, and everybody else comes second. Similarly encoded in primary school manuals is the dangerous notion that leaving Islam is punishable by death.

These are very alarming truths, if only for the fact that whatever is instructed in childhood is hard to undo later. A willing subscriber to international standards of human rights, Morocco still breeds religious hatred and discrimination within its frontiers. Don’t be surprised that it is today the third largest “supplier” of ISIS combatants…

On the speaker: The son of an Imam, Brother Rasheed began his spiritual quest by comparing the teachings of the Quran and the Bible. Initially planned to strengthen his Islamic faith, the exercise ended up pushing him away from his religion of origin. Rasheed converted to Christianity at age 19, an offense punishable by death according to official religious scholars from his homeland Morocco. Pushing the envelope even further, he undertook a translation of the Quran into local Arabic dialects, under the serious premise that local populations in the Arab world are not proficient enough in classical Arabic to get the gist of the Quran. No wonder his unpopularity in the Middle East... Now the host of a program called "Daring Questions" on Al Hayat TV, Rasheed has received multiple death threats, which is why his full name is not known to the public. Insightful commentaries such as the one above may help explain why he makes so many Muslims mad.


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#5 Amazigh 2014-11-21 11:26
Thank you so much brother Rachid for your deep concern regarding the shocking facts that drive some Moroccan individuals toward extrimism or terrorism. I truly appreciate everything you do for the sake of love, respect and equality. From my part, I try my best to inform International Organizations that Moroccans are restricted by Islamic laws to convert to Christianity in a country that doesn't respect freedom of religion. It is time to expose that tyranny and all sorts of torture against our brothers and sisters. I would love if the video could be subtitled in English. Many thanks in advance :))
May the Lord's Blessings with with you and forever.
(Too many haters, traitors, opportunists and Morrocan Regime slaves!!)

Since the independence (1956), Moroccan government has failed to respect human rights and its constitutional monarchy does not allow for any serious checks on the king's powers or actions. Due process and the rights of associations as freedom of expression remain curtailed. Morocco has challenged the UN system in its blatant violation of the rights of Sahrawi people while it remains some minor political space for criticism in Morocco. As a matter of fact, there is no opportunity for this opposition to gain exposure in most of the mass media which is absolutely controlled by the king and the government.

Morocco is widely criticized for its lack of freedom of expression. The government exerts significant control over the mass media and takes punitive actions against the few independent newspapers that exist. In fact all mass media are entirely or partially state owned. Although there are many independent newspapers, but remain self-censorship common due to the harsh punishments for libel or for coverage deemed inappropriate to the government. Newspapers that do attempt to report on sensitive issues such as “Le Journal” have been shut down or fined, and editors have been imprisoned by the royal order. Le Journal has come under government criticism not only for its political coverage, but also for its coverage of corruption throughout the government.

Although the reforms undertaken by “Hassan II” and his successor “Mohammed VI” were seemingly impressive in their scope and openness, they covered up the fact that no real institutional changes to the constitutional monarchy have been made to date. The king retains full decision-making and policy-making powers, and the parliament served mainly as an advisory body. The king appoints all judges, the prime minister (with approval by the legislature), and security and military chiefs. Thus, after the terrorist bombings in 2003 in Casablanca (an terror operation organized by the Moroccan secret services) which killed more than 40 people, Mohammed VI detained over 1,000 innocent suspects. Given the king's sweeping powers, there is nothing to stop Mohammed VI (The Predator King) from carrying out such actions. Moreover, the king is entitled to declare a crisis or a state of emergency, or to dismiss the government, and his absolute domination of the economy gives him enormous power to enforce his rule and reign.

The monarchy's powers are also in full view when it comes to Western Sahara the disputed territory between Moroccan government and the Sahrawi Republic. Historically part of Morocco, the territory fell under Spanish control in 1884 and became a Spanish province in 1934. Although Spain relinquished control of Western Sahara in 1975, both Morocco and Mauritania annexed portions of the territory that same year, and in 1979, Morocco annexed the territory belonging to Mauritania. Since 1973, Polisario, a Sahrawi independence movement, has sought national self-determinat ion for Western Sahara and fought a guerrilla war with Morocco until a peace agreement was reached in 1991 that called for a referendum to determine whether the territory would be granted independence from Morocco. Although a UN-brokered cease-fire has been in effect since 1991, efforts to resolve differences between the two sides have repeatedly failed.

The Moroccan government has carried out enormous human rights abuses as inhumane atrocity in the territory and continues to repress Sahrawi activists as well as Moroccan citizens who express disagreement about the government's policy toward Western Sahara. In 2005, Sahrawi demonstrators in El Ayoun city demanded autonomous state and independence (an action called the Independence Intifada) and have faced a tremendous oppression and brutal abuses as well as severe crackdown.”
(Democracy Web. Comparative Studies in Freedom)
#4 Badr 2014-11-18 14:04
Comment #2, your hostile answer is the product of the content of this same article and video. If anything you proved it right. This article hits the nail on the head and exposes a reality that most Moroccans will simply refuse to believe. Because they live in a state of denial and ignorance that quite frankly isn't entirely their fault.

But please let me do some profiling on you (Because it is fun) You obviously are a Moroccan living abroad, like myself, professionally employed, you hold a degree slightly higher than bachelors maybe masters, you struggle to integrate in your new environment, all your friends are Moroccans or foreign nationals, you only eat Moroccan food that your arranged marriage wife makes, your weekend rituals consist of holding phone calls or skype with relatives in Morocco to check on the construction on the house you recently acquired. you live the entire year looking forward to those 2-3 weeks you get to go to Morocco. And when you do get to go back, in the back of your mind you miss how the western world is organized, clean, and less cut-throat?
So, my friend, if you think that you have figured life out and you are doing the right thing, consider this: had you been born in Karni Mata in India you would be worshiping Rats!! cause that's what your forefathers would ve worshipped.
#3 Jack 2014-11-06 15:51
You are the men of conscience and truth. May G_d protect you. You are so right. When school books are filled with hate, then it will make sense those kids will know only but hate. They are learning how to become murderers instead of being Human beings. Teach your kid how to become a doctor to help others and so he will be, teach your kid how to become a gentlemen and so he will be. This is the Core of extremist islam nowadays and we can see how this world is going back over a thousand years of civilization. We need more like you and watch for yourself.
#2 Moroccan 2014-10-31 14:56
This "Islamic Education manuals" speaks volume about your intentions in this article. I have never heard such nonsense and you certainly have never set foot in that country or stayed there long enough to understand the people of that country. When a Norwegian or any other European murders people, do Muslims ever say the "Christian education manuals"...???
You may fool idiots by this article but those with functioning brain cells can see through your thinking. Morocco is and will remain a great country with great people regardless of what the haters think. Maybe a little reading of history about that country will enlighten you and push you to examine your conscience. Maybe.
#1 Camp 2014-10-30 11:18
Islam is not a religion of hate. People who culturally distort it's message and condition kids to Jihad is objectively abuse. You can't convince jihadis - who are swayed by power, riches, and killing - not Allah. Morocco can be an Islamic country without pandering. Morocco can be an Islamic country through intellect, medicine, and other scholarly persuits. Where are all our true Muslim leaders????!!!